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Curriculum and Degree Plan

Requirements of Master's Program in Curriculum and Instruction

1.Curriculum Structure
The curriculum structure of this program consists of two main categories: foundational courses (including basic theories and research methodology) and specialized domain courses (divided into curriculum research, teaching research, and educational technology). To assist master's students in developing specific expertise, three career development tracks are integrated into the existing courses: “School Teaching”, "Learning Material Design”, and “Educational Training and Instructional Planning”.

2. Course Requirements: Students are required to complete 30 credits.

(1)Students in this program, with a major focus on either "Curriculum Research" or "Teaching Research," should complete at least 12 credits in their chosen major field. They may also take specialized domain courses in the "Educational Technology" area as part of their curriculum.
Foundational Courses Specialized Domain Courses Internship Courses
Basic Principles Research Methods Curriculum Research Teaching Research Instructional Technology  
3 credits 8 credits Compulsory: 6 credits; At least 6 credits of electives Electives Electives

(2)The maximum number of credits for each semester is 12 credits during the study period. The minimum credits are 6 credits for the first year and 3 credits for the second year and beyond.

(3)Cross-disciplinary Credits: Selection of courses from other departments, classes, or inter-collegiate courses requires approval from the department head. Only after obtaining approval, the earned credits can be counted towards graduation.

(4)Completion of the "Guided Research" course is a prerequisite for applying for the thesis proposal defense.

Master's Program Courses for the Academic Year 2023-2024
Master's Program Courses for the Academic Year 2022-2023