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Doctoral Program of Curriculum and Instructional Communications Technology (Instructional Communications Technology Group)

1. Course Structure
The course structure of the doctoral program in our department is divided into two categories: foundational courses (including fundamental theories and research methodologies) and specialized field courses.

2. Course Requirements:
Students must complete the curriculum structure for the year of admission to graduate with the required credits. The foundational courses are common for both groups of students, while the specialized field courses are based on the expertise background of the two groups, with one field as the major. Students in the "Instructional Communications Technology Group" specialize in the field of "Instructional Communications Technology." Students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credits in their major field.
Fundamental Courses Specialized Field
Foundational Theories Research Methodology Curriculum and Instructional Research Instructional Communications Technology
6 credits At least 3 credits Elective At least 15 elective credits

Guidelines of research skills requirements for graduate students.pdf
Regulations for Graduate Students of Educational Communications Technology0830.pdf