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Curriculum and Degree Plan

  Requirements of In-Service Master's Program in Curriculum, Instruction and Learning Technology

Course Enroll ment Regula tions:
1.Students of this Program in Curriculum, Instruction and Learning Technology are required to complete 28 credits (excluding the thesis) to graduate. This includes 10 mandatory credits (4 credits in foundational courses, 2 credits in curriculum field, 2 credits in teaching field, and 2 credits in educational technology field) and 18 elective credits. Students must achieve passing grades and successfully complete the master's thesis defense to be eligible for graduation.

2.During the course of their studies, students must enroll in a minimum of 2 credits and a maximum of 12 credits per semester. A total of 28 credits is required for graduation.

3.Students are allowed to take courses across day and evening programs, summer sessions, and inter-collegiate courses with the approval of their advisor (or supervising professor) and the department head. However, the maximum allowable cross-disciplinary credits are limited to 6 credits. If students wish to count cross-disciplinary credits towards graduation, they must submit an application report to the department office before enrolling in the course. Approval from the department meeting is required for the cross-disciplinary credits to be considered as part of the graduation credits.

4.Additional requirements for graduation are as follows:
(1) Prior to graduation, students are required to co-publish at least 1 short paper with their supervising professor in a professional academic journal or a conference with paper review requirements. Only one student can apply for graduation using the same paper. Alternatively, this requirement can be fulf illed by giving invited lectures or sharing experiences related to curriculum leadership, curriculum design, teaching experiences, or research insights at institutions (excluding matters unrelated to teaching or research). Relevant supporting documents should be   submitted, and upon approval by the department meeti ng, the application can be deemed to satisfy the graduation requirement.
(2) Within one month after completing the degree examination, stud ents must submit the corrected and finalized thesis in both hard copy a nd electronic format, as per the university's regulations.
 (3) Complete the Student Learning Passport for this program.

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